Model T-Tips

Engine 14b Restoring Field Coil

Engine 15b Setting Field Coil Gap

Engine 24b Balancing Rods and Pistons

Engine Update:





Install Transmission Bands

1. Install Transmission Bands on Drums

2. Discussion of First Engine Oil

3. Leave Gap for Spring to be Installed Later


Torque Rods and Main Caps

1. Torque the Rod Bolts and Install Cotter Keys

2. Torque the Main Caps (using lock washers)


Selecting and Checking "Z" Head

1. Selecting and Checking Head

2. Checking a Head Milled 0.030”

3. Check and Select a Standard “Z” Head


Install Oil Pan ~ 4th Main Alignment

1. Install the Pan

2. Preparing Gaskets

3. Install Crankshaft Seal

4. Install Inspection Cover and Accessory Internal Oil Lines

5. Install the Pan Onto the Block


Install Hogs Head, Slow Speed Linkage and Transmission Cover

1. Install Hogs Head and Related Parts

2. Prepare and Install Gaskets

3. Prepare and Install Felt Gasket

4. Place Hogs Head Over the Transmission

5. Install and Tighten All Bolts – Checking 4th Main Fit

6. Install 4th Main

7. Install the Pedals

8. Initial Band Adjustment

9. Install Slow Speed Linkage

10. Install Transmission Cover and Accessory Screen


Install "Z" Head and Valve Covers

1. Install Head and Torque Head Bolts to 55 ft-lbs

2. Install Valve Covers

3. Check Head Bolts

4. Start Up Procedure


Check Head Bolts and Start Up Procedure

1. Check Head Bolt Torque

2. Start Up Procedure




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