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Engine 14b Restoring Field Coil

Engine 15b Setting Field Coil Gap

Engine 24b Balancing Rods and Pistons

Engine Update:





Brake Drum & Drive Plate Alignment ~ Part 1

1. Transmission Alignment Discussion

2. Square Up Main Shaft

3. A Fix for Old Crankshafts

4. Install Main Shaft with Locator Pins to Verify that Run out is Minimal

5. Alignment of Brake Drum Bushing

6. Condition of the Brake Lugs and Impact on Clutch System

7. Line Bore Brake Drum Bushing for Alignment

8. Discussing the 4th Main


Brake Drum & Drive Plate Alignment ~ Part 2

1. Square Up Brake Drum Flange for Fit to Drive Plate

2. Using Mill to Square the Brake Drum

3. Fitting Brake Drum to Main Shaft

4. Drive Plate Restoration

5. Check Fit with Brake Drum


Brake Drum & Drive Plate Alignment ~ Part 3

1. Determining Best Alignment for the Brake Drum/Drive Plate Assembly

2. Using Timesaver to Finish the Bearings/Bushings

3. Fitting Brake Drum/Drive Plate Assembly to Main Shaft

4. Some Things to Try If Run out Unacceptable

5. Indexing Parts for Reassembly

6. Adding the Flywheel to the Assembly


Field Coil and Flywheel ~ Part 1

1. Review Progress to the Point

2. Transmission Assembly Overview

3. Restoring the Flywheel ~ Charging Magnets

4. Building the Magneto

5. Installing the Ring Gear


Restoration of the Field Coil

1. Reference Materials and Acknowledgements

2. Cleanup, Preparation and Removal of Coils

3. Building a New Magneto Pickup

4. Unwinding, Straightening and Cleaning the Coil Windings

5. Applying the 1/4" Glass Insulating Tape to the Coil

6. Winding the Coils (Left and Right Hand Coils)

7. Wrapping the Coils with 1/2" Glass Insulating Tape

8. Begin Assembly of the Field Coil

9. Install Coils (Right, Left, Right, Left)

10. Checking the Assembled Field Coil before Soldering

11. Trimming and Connecting Coils Before Soldering

12. Solder the Connections

13. Solder the Ground and Magneto Post Connections

14. Final Check

15. Apply Insulating Varnish

16. Wrap-up Discussion with Claude and Mike


Field Coil and Flywheel ~ Part 2

1. Install Field Coil

2. Install the Flywheel and Set the Air Gap

3. Finalize Air Gap Between the Field Coil and the Magnets

4. Balance the Flywheel


Better way of setting Magnet/Field Coil Gap

1. Install and Level Field Coil

2. Loosen Field Coil and Install Flywheel with Magnets

3. Measure gap for Minimum 0.025" and Maximum of 0.040"

4. Calculate required shim pack, remove flywheel, adjust shim pack and reinstall field coil and flywheel


Balancing Transmission Drums

1. Checking and Replacing Drum Bushings

2. Balancing Drums Introduction

3. Balancing the Brake Drum and Drive Shaft

4. Balancing the Low Speed Drum

5. Balancing the Reverse Drum


Installing Triple Gears, Field Coil and Flywheel

1. Preparing Triple Gears

2. Installing Crankshaft Gear

3. Installing Field Coil and Flywheel

4. Installing the Field Coil

5. Installing the Flywheel


Assemble Transmission ~ Part 1

1. Assemble Transmission Summary

2. Summary of Components

3. Installing the Driven Gear

4. Triple Gear Timing

5. Install Clutch Basket

6. Install Clutch Package

7. Install Freeze Plug in Drive Plate

8. Check Clutch Spring


Assemble Transmission ~ Part 2

1. Final Transmission Assembly

2. Install Drive Plate

3. Install and Adjust the Clutch Spring


Hogs Head Restoration ~ Part 1

1. Introduction to Hogs Head Restoration

2. Remove Pedals & Clutch Release Ring

3. Install “O” Rings

4. Temporarily Install Pedals to Check Alignment

5. Pedal Alignment


Hogs Head Restoration ~ Part 2

1. Summary of Restoration

2. Install Slow Speed Pedal

3. Install Brake and Reverse Pedals

4. Finish Up Hogs Head Restoration

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