Model T-Tips

Engine 14b Restoring Field Coil

Engine 15b Setting Field Coil Gap

Engine 24b Balancing Rods and Pistons

Engine Update:

Group 1 Videos





Inspecting and Cleaning the Block

1. Inspecting and Selecting Block for Restoration

2. Checking for Cracks

3. Checking the Cylinders

4. Cleaning the Block

a. Wire Brush and Solvent

b. Hot Tank and Vatting

c. Sandblasting

d. Professional Cleaning


Babbitting Main Caps and Block

1. Preparing Main Caps and Block

2. Tinning Main Caps

3. Assembling Molds for Babbitting Caps

4. Babbitting Main Caps

5. Removing Caps from the Molds

6. Installing Molds on the Block

7. Pouring Center Main

8. Pouring Rear Main

9. Pouring Front Main


Machining the Block at the Machine Shop

1. Magnaflux and Cleaning

2. Machining/Boring the Cylinders to Size

3. Installing Hardened Valve Seats

4. Milling Deck

5. Honing Cylinders to Final Size


Line Boring Block

1. Summary of Completed Steps Before Line Boring Block

2. Preparing Caps and Block

3. Establish Target Boring Dimensions

4. Setting Up the Boring Fixture

5. Cutting First Bearing

6. Measuring the Cut

7. Measuring with Inside Micrometer

8. Making Final Cut


Finalize Block and Caps

1. Measure Rear Thrust Cap

2. Radius/Chamfer Block and Caps

3. Determine Dimensions to Cut the Rear Cap

4. Locate Oil Holes in Block Mains

5. Mill Oil Trenches in Block – Bottom, Center and Top Edges

6. Machine the Rear Main Cap


Paint the Block

1. Paint the Inside of the Block:

a. Glyptal Red Insulating Enamel (Expensive)

b. Sprayon E601 – Red Insulating Varnish

2. Paint Outside of the Block with High Temperature Engine Paint
Rust-Oleum – High Heat (2000 Degrees)


Cam Shaft Installation ~ Part 1

1. Prepare Rear Brass Bearing

2. Ream Rear Bushing with Reproduction of KR Wilson Tool

3. Install Cam Bearings on the Cam

4. Press Bearing Back to Round

5. Ream the Inside Diameter (ID) of the Cam Bearings


Cam Shaft Installation ~ Part 2

1. Fit Front Bearing

2. Machine Front Bearing to Length

3. Modify Cam Bolt to Fit Bearing Hole

4. Check Cam Shaft Fit


Install Lifters / Tappets

1. Clean and Prepare Block

2. Install Lifters

3. Install the Cam


Fitting Crank Shaft

1. Install the Crankshaft

2. Use Timesaver to Fit the Crankshaft

3. Final Fit Up Using Timesaver

4. Clean Up and Loose Install

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