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Engine 14b Restoring Field Coil

Engine 15b Setting Field Coil Gap

Engine 24b Balancing Rods and Pistons


Welcome to Model “T” Tips

This web site is all about Ford Model T’s.  We are a group of guys that enjoy restoring, rebuilding and tinkering with our Model T’s.  But most of all we really enjoy riding in our T’s.

We intend to publish what we hope to be helpful tips and tricks on the restoration of the Model T.  Our first effort in January 2015 was to publish videos on the restoration of a Model T engine.  Mike Vaughn joined the team in November 2015 and created “Restoring the Model T Coil” series, published in December of 2015.  In late 2016 Nick Nicholas got involved by showing us how to restore the Model T Generator and Starter.  In July 2019 Claude Jochmans shows how to restore the Model T field coil and Mike Bender fills out the details on how to balance rods and pistons.  In addition, a better way to set the gap between the magnets and the field coil is provided in Engine 15b.

The plan is continue developing and publishing additional technical presentations.

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